It's getting tricky...


3 min read

Since my last post I finished my first working week in 2021 (you know, as a PM). It was quite a challenge to get back on track with my projects but I started to feel the rhythm as I reached Friday.

Yesterday I had a meeting with my partner in crime in ReadyMeter, the proptech product I'm working on. More on this later.

Meanwhile, I tried to put some effort into my other product in the making, OBSRV.APP. If I have to explain this product, I would say that it is a no-code web scraping service. The aim is to forget about the traditional approach to collecting data on the internet (fire up scraper code, find the best selectors pointing to your desired data, put the stuff in production, fix bugs, try not to get banned, etc.). Just start OBSRV.APP, select the data you want to observe and hit save. That's it, the product takes care of everything.

And here comes the frustrating part ๐Ÿ™ƒ Few days ago I felt that I'm on track and the part responsible for finding the best selector and the backend dealing with executing queries and retrieving data started to work quite well. But there are exceptions where it does not at all. And although I know I'll find a solution for my current issues (collecting data from using my current toolset does not want to work) I have a feeling that there will be exceptions all the time. And this makes me uncertain. Can I find a sustainable way to approach this issue?

Anyhow, I'm going to continue working on it to find an answer to my question. I think I can get more insight on this one if I release it to others to try it out.